Such good service and super good price to match. I am so happy with the mattress I chose

I’ve had a hard time finding a soft, soft mattress. Spencers opened last month across the street from where I work, so I figured to go in and see what they had. I was pleasantly surprised to find they have several brands of super soft mattresses I could choose from. Now my problem was which one! There was a friendly salesman, who gave my husband and myself advice on they types of mattresses Spencers has and what it is that makes them such a good value. He left us alone to talk it over and quoted us a good price. We decided to go home and talk it over. The next day I went back and ordered the mattress in the size we needed. Such good service and super good price to match. I am so happy with the mattress I choose, it’s so comfortable to sleep on. I am very happy to recommend Spencers Mattress Warehouse.

Wonderful Experience

I went into this mattress search confused, after speaking to Spencer at Spencers Mattress Warehouse, I now know everything there is to know about my mattress and I am sleeping like a baby. The information made so much sense, having it explained was what made the difference. There was no pressure. I actually had a great time and got my mattress the same day. Oh and the price was great. I highly recommend Spencers Mattress

The Sleep of the Innocent

Am I ever glad to be rid of the temperpedic type mattress that I had. Good grief, I was hot all the time. I’m enough of a hot mama not to add to it. My new mattress is made of latex and is soooo comfy. Wish that I had known about latex a long time ago. Shopping was a fun experience and I also encouraged some other customers to try the bed that I had bought. The sales person was so patient while I grilled her about the ins and outs of mattresses. Thanks to her I am now sleeping the sleep of the innocent.